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This Is The Health Benefits Of Your Own Urine + Urine Therapy



Not many people know about urine therapy and some of us may have not any idea about urine therapy benefits and those who have heard about it simply wink at the mention of it.

urine therapy own urine therapy Benefits of your own urine

Yes, your own urine! Wouldn’t you rather drink your own urine than drink someone else’s own in those numerous herbal mixtures out there?

I first heard about it from the late Mrs Elizabeth Kafaru.  I also read John Armstrong’s book “Water of Life”. Urine Is A Billion Dollar Industry.

Despite what the public has been led to believe about urine, pharmaceutical companies have raked in billions of dollars from the sale of drugs made from urine. PERSONAL, a fertility drug made from human urine, earned a reported $855 million in sales in 1992, and sales ($1400 a month per patient. You’re not surprised, are you?) have increased yearly.

UROKINASE, a urine ingredient, is used in drug form and sold as a “miracle blood clot dissolver” for unblocking coronary arteries. Urea, medically proven to be one of the best moisturizers in the world has been a boon to cosmetic companies who package it in expensive, glamorized creams and lotions.

Ever used MURINE eye or ear drops? They’re made from carbamide — another name for synthetic urea. When you look at the real facts, the tragedy of the general disinformation campaign on urine is surpassed only by the irony of our unwitting, and often incredibly expensive purchases of what we all mistakenly but firmly believe to be our bodies’ “useless” and “offensive” waste-product, urine.

Urine contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals not to mention it’s completely structured hexagonal liquid. Because it is created by your own body, it helps to re-educate your immune system as what is foreign and what is domestic. It helps to teach your system and fine tune it to recognize pathogens and invaders. It’s similar to reading a book for the second time or watching a movie for the second time.

I read somewhere that a doctor in Russia has treated many people with urine therapy to cure illness. Some western soldiers also believed that they can survive in the wilderness by drinking their own urine and it also being rubbed to the skin to prevent illness.

urine therapy own urine therapy Benefits of your own urine

Benefits of urine therapy

1. Prevent bacterial infection
2. Cure fungal infection on skin
3. Prevent from viral infection
4. Prevent allergy
5. Cure the symptom of autoimmune disease
6. Prevent hair loss
7. Cure acne and other skin problem
9. Cleanse the blood circulation
10. Promotes healthy heart
11. Relieve sting and burning wound
12. Keep young skin
13. Relieve constipation
14. Calming nerve

Urine also contains a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is normally produced when a person is going to sleep and has a calming effect. Drinking a glass of urine regularly can provide all these benefits to your body.

urine therapy own urine therapy Benefits of your own urine

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It is also reported that some disease can be cured by urine therapy such as:
1. Stomach Cancer
2. Ovarian Cancer
3. Breast Cancer
5. Diabetes
6. Kidney Failure
7. Nephritic Syndrome
8. Gall Bladder Stones
9. Motor Neuron Disease
10. Muscular Dystrophy
11. Mental Retardation
12. Cerebral Palsy
13. Vision, Hearing problem and Deformity
14. Acute Lumbar Spondylosis “A L S”
15. Premenstrual syndrome “P M S”
16. Low Sperms counts & low Motility
17. Asthma
18. Paralysis
19. Ulcer
20. Psoriasis
21. Thyroids disorder

Remember, one cup a day keeps the doctor away.

Know what the colour of your URINE says about your HEALTH. Always drink water after drinking your urine.

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